Baby UV Sun Protection Clothes

Finding the best baby sun protection clothes is very important because baby skin is particularly sensitive to the sun’s harmful UV (UVA and UVB) rays.  Getting clothing and swimwear with the best SPF protection (also called UPF for clothing) is critical to keeping those precious little ones sun safe.  SwimZip offers a fantastic line of SPF 50+ (aka UPF 50+) baby sun protection clothing and baby sun protection swimwear options for infants, babies, and toddlers.  Best of all, our award winning baby apparel designs, mean babies can be sun safe and look their best!

baby girl sun protection swimsuits

Baby UV sun protection clothes with SPF (aka UPF) is critical to keeping infant skin safe from the sun’s rays. Get a SwimZip baby swimsuit to keep your favorite little one protected at the beach or pool! Thanks to Lacey Smith Photography for the photo.

With the sunlight bouncing off the water and sand, the pool and beach are particularly UV intense environments for infants.  Make sure to choose baby swimwear with UPF 50+ sun protection – or even a more fully cover “baby sunsuit swimsuit”.  Sunsuits for babies provide additional full body sun protection – with long sleeves and long leg coverage.

SwimZip offers UV sun protection swimwear, beach coverups, hats, etc. to help keep your little one protected by the sun.  SwimZip founder, Betsy Johnson, who designs the swimsuits herself, was actually diagnosed with skin cancer herself in her 20s and has dedicated her life to making SwimZip the best sun protection clothing company for babies, infants, and toddlers – so they do not suffer the same fate as her!  For SwimZip and Betsy, baby sun protection clothing is a lot more than just a business – it is a passion!  Choose the best baby UV sun protection clothes – choose SwimZip!

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