When is World Cancer Day? Let’s Debunk The Myths!

When is World Cancer Day 2014? Today, February 4th, 2014. This year the theme is: Debunk the Myths …. it is about time!!!

Here at SwimZip UPF 50+ sun protective swimwear, World Cancer day is a BIG DEAL! SwimZip’s President, Betsy Johnson, was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 26 years old – so our sun protection swimsuits are a lot more than just a product …. they are a passion! LET’S STOP CANCER!

Please connect with SwimZip on Facebook to help spread the message that we are taking the fight to cancer and learn more about how you can help defeat this terrible disease. We are hosting a World Cancer Day: Debunk the Myths Giveaway to help raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease. Give us a LIKE and help spread the word!

world cancer day giveaway

Join SwimZip in the fight against cancer! We are offering a World Cancer Day Giveaway to help spread the word about this terrible disease and start debunking the cancer myths. Join us!

Check out SwimZip for UPF 50+ sun protection products and help fight skin cancer. Brining awareness to the battle against cancer is a huge step forward to fighting this terrible disease.

skin cancer upf

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One Response to When is World Cancer Day? Let’s Debunk The Myths!

  1. Kristen V says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness to skin cancer

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