Title: Fashion + Function: Buti- Bag amazing diaper clutch and small wipe case!

As a mommy I love things that actually are functional and CUTE! I found an amazing company, Butibag! They have the little wipe cases, they aren’t big and bulky like hard plastic travel cases, but it’s small and fits right into my ‘tiny’ diaper bag and the wipes stay moist! They are soft pastic so they can fit ANYWHERE too. Check them out here: http://butibag.com/collections/pods

Also, I am in love with their Binkmeister (paci clips) – they are great! They are awesome for paci’s and if your child doesn’t take a paci (I know from experience) you can also use them to clip on their lovies so you don’t lose them on a run, or at the airport trying to make a connecting flight! The paci clips also come in the most adorable packaging!!!

Okay I can go on and on about their products, but check them out yourselves and let me know what you think! 🙂 http://butibag.com/

Also, I have to say that I learned about the owner, Nicole Williams! She is a mommy of two cute little boys, and designs for practical products! In my opnion she has successed, would you agree? As a mom and designer of SwimZip Kids Swimwear I am always seeking amazing brands that are functional and adorable – check out our SwimZIp line here: http://www.SwimZip.com and more about myself here http://www.swimzip.com/who%20we%20are.htm


Be sure to check out the best UPF sun protection swimwear at SwimZip http://www.swizip.com

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One Response to Title: Fashion + Function: Buti- Bag amazing diaper clutch and small wipe case!

  1. Nicole says:

    Butibag loves Swimzip, too! We have 6 suits and the shark towel (how appropriate!). In honor of Swimzip’s debut on #Sharktank, we’re offering a discount to her fans! Enter code SWIMZIP at checkout for 20% off your entire order. Go Betsy and Berry!

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