SwimZip Swimwear to Introduce New Line of Sunsuits on January 24th During Shark Tank

Get Ready! Get Set! … SwimZip Swimsuits will be introducing our new line of children’s sun protective sunsuit rompers on Jan 24th for pre-sale only! We are SO excited to share these with you, we had to give you a sneak peak! These fantastic sunsuits will be introduced on January 24th in celebration of SwimZip’s appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and are the perfect swimwear for your favorite baby or toddler!

sun suit

SwimZip is excited to announce it will be releasing its new baby and toddler romper sunsuit swimsuits during Shark Tank on January 24th!

What do you think of our Daddy’s Little Girl Swim Romper (1 piece swimsuit)?! All of our SwimZip rash guards and swimsuits block 98% of UVA and UVB cancer causing rays! Our zipper makes them super easy to put-on and take-off! We made a full-length zipper on our romper to make diaper changing a breeze while at the beach or pool! ** Shop Girls Sunsuits Here **

You can also see our Hard Working Man Sunsuit Romper here! Isn’t it adorable! We will see how long these last! Check out below the Surfer Dude sunsuit romper. Sooooo cute!!! We love the red sun protective swimsuit on little boys, and let me tell you – our product testers LOVED them too! 🙂
** Shop Boy Sunsuits Here **

red sunsuit

Check out this adorable red sunsuit from SwimZip. So cute!!

Founders, Berry Wanless and Betsy Johnson, both have children and they know how hard it can be to change a diaper while swimming! They have parents and caretakers in mind while designing!

What do you think of our new designs? These are the best sun protection suits for children! Check out SwimZip’s styles here: http://www.SwimZip.com

sunsuits for toddlers

SwimZip’s romper sunsuits are perfect for easy all day sun protection at the beach or pool! Preorder now to get these adorable UPF 50+ sunsuits.

shark tank swimzip

Look for SwimZip’s official introduction to its sunsuits on January 24, 2014 in celebration of its appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

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