Momprenuer and Dadprenuer Land on Shark Tank

Here at SwimZip we are so excited to be airing on ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday, January 24!

shark tank january 24

Just four more days until SwimZip appears on Shark Tank! Airing January 24, 2014.

We applied to Shark Tank because it seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to potentially align with a strategic partner(s) with industry knowledge and experience. The Sharks are experts at business and have a great set of contacts who know a lot about how to grow businesses. SwimZip is a passion for us and we are proud to make the best sun protection swimwear at the best prices, but possibly teaming with someone(s) who knows more about the business end of things seemed like it could be really helpful for us. Receiving expert guidance and getting ideas to grow our business from a strategic partner seemed like a great possibility and really encouraged us to take the plunge and send in our video application. (Maybe someday you can see our Shark Tank video audition!)

In addition, we applied to Shark Tank because we hoped we might get an investment that would allow us to grow our business. We have a number of products in various stages of production and bringing those products to our customers requires a significant investment. We hoped that if we could get onto Shark Tank, the Sharks might like our ideas and give us the money to keep expanding.

abc january 24

SwimZip airs on ABC’s Shark Tank January 24. Here we are pitching to the Sharks!

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