Does SwimZip Make Adult UPF Sun Protection Swimwear? YES! YES! YES!

If you love SwimZip’s adorable line of children’s UPF 50+ sun protective swimsuits, then be sure to check out our super stylish Adult swimwear line. SwimZip Adult Swimsuits with Zipper and UPF 50+ Sun Protection

zipper rash guards

SwimZip makes UPF 50+ sun protection for adults too! Check out our great styles and unbeatable prices.

Our zipper swim shirts are so easy to toss over a swimsuit and the UPF protection can keep your back and shoulders protected all day.

SwimZip’s adult line is a great value as we continue to promote the SwimZip brand as the adorable and affordable sun protective clothing line.

zipper rash guards

SwimZip sun protection zipper swim shirts with UPF 50+ protection.

rash guard with zipper

Now mother and daughter can enjoy easy all day UPF 50+ sun protection at the beach and pool with SwimZip.

swim shirts for men

SwimZip now has mens swimsuits and swim shirts.

** This is our initial foray into the adult line so we would love your feedback! Thanks – SwimZip.

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One Response to Does SwimZip Make Adult UPF Sun Protection Swimwear? YES! YES! YES!

  1. Cheryl A. says:

    Hi. I saw a facebook post about your line and immediately went to check it out. Love the suits you offer for my boys. I was excited to see you offer adult suits as well. I am a tiny mom and have a difficult time finding a suit any way. I would suggest offering smaller sizing options. XS or even XXS. Can’t wait to see you on Shark Tank tonight.

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