How to Sell or Distribute SwimZip Kids Swimwear? Info for Retailers Looking to Get Started

SwimZip is always looking for great stores to carry our brand!

If you have a store that is looking for stylish kids swimwear, then SwimZip might be the right choice for you. We have a very simple application process that takes less than one minute to complete. SwimZip retailers can make their wholesale bulk swimsuit orders right off our website. It is an incredibly easy process designed to minimize the hassle of the ordering process.

boutique swimwear for kids

SwimZip loves partnering with great retailers. Contact us to learn more about the best kids swimwear and how you can get started selling the swimsuits.

For new stores not sure what to order, we can help. We have a fantastic “Starter Package” that gets you set up with some of our top sellers in the most common sizes. Be sure to ask about free shipping for your first “Starter Package” order. Plus, we have a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to help you get started.

wholesale baby swimwear

SwimZip has the cutest rash guards with the best sun protection! SwimZip makes wholesale ordering simple – contact us today to get started.

As a SwimZip retailer, we can provide you marketing materials and our celebrity following is sure to keep press attention on our products. Give us a call today at 888-794-6947 to learn more about SwimZip and start making money selling our adorable bathing suits, rash guards, hats, sun protective clothing, and swimwear.

SwimZip has the look and price that parents want for their kids. Contact us now and get started … we look forward to hearing from you! Visit our Wholesale Swimsuit Page for more information and to get started.

swimsuits for kids

Adorable SwimZip swimsuits for kids are perfect for retailers, stores, and boutiques looking for the best kid swimsuits.

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