Fashion + Function: StickyBellies milestone stickers

Watching a baby grow is amazing, but it goes by so quickly! After seeing my first child grow so much – I look back on the past months and it goes by way to quick! There are so many photos taken (daily if you are me), but the pictures never have the age of our child. So I look at the photos not knowing! But StickyBellies is the ultimate cure for that – They are creative, stylish, and easy way to document your child’s monthly growth!


The stickers are so cute, but I think the founder is just as cute! When my own daughter was born, I knew I had to document and celebrate her growth by taking a monthly photo and keep with the family tradition of having a special shirt for her to wear. It would allow me to know how old she was in the pictures and make for adorable pictures to share with family and friends in online photo albums and on Facebook. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I had neither the time nor the skill required to make twelve custom appliqued onesies for my newborn daughter and knew there had to be an easier way. The pre-made custom onesies I found were expensive, especially when they would only be worn on ONE day for a brief five-minute photo shoot. Sitting in our living room one night and thinking back fondly on the tacky sweatsuits of my youth, I said to my husband, “Someone needs to create something that would LOOK like it was an permanent applique, but could be removed after the picture is done without ruining the shirt.” His brilliant, life-changing response…”Why don’t you?” For dramatic effect, I’ll tell you that lightning struck, rainbows appeared, glitter fell from the ceiling and the Sticky Bellies logo suddenly appeared on my living room wall.

sticky bellies

They Mommy behind this brand is so cute! She even made special StickyBellies for her team in the Rose Bowl Game! Adorable!

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