Swim Shirts for Kids and Rash Guards for Kids

Swim shirts for kids are a great way to get extra protection at the beach or pool. Kid swim shirts are easy to slip over a bathing suit and, with upf protection, can keep kids sun safe all day long. SwimZip has a number of great swim shirt kid options – all featuring UPF 50+ protection.

SwimZip’s UV shirts and swimsuit sets feature their signature full length zipper … which makes them incredibly easy to put-on and take-off. Swim shirts, also known as rash guards because they can protect surfers from getting a rash on their chest, should be rated upf 50+ and have a collar to keep sun off the neck. Be sure to choose high quality swimshirts for kids to help make sure you are getting the best protection possible. Keep in mind that a long sleeve swim shirt can provide even more coverage if desired.

In addition to featuring swim t shirts, SwimZip also has swim trunks with upf 50+ protection. Doctors have linked too much uv exposure in childhood to skin cancer later in life. Wearing a sun protective top and bottom with sun protection while in UV intense environments like the pool or beach is the perfect complements to sun screen and a sun hat.

swim shirt for kids

A swim shirt for kids is a great idea when by the water. These rash guards for kids provide additional sun protection and can help protect children from sunburn. Be sure to look for UPF 50+ protection and a zipper for easy-on and easy-off.

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