Fashion + Function: Bobee Wall Mounted Diaper Dispenser

As a parent you use tons of diapers. Making it convenient to get to is extremely important! So, I have been seeking a diaper dispenser that I wasn’t digging in, or having to use two hands to squeeze diapers out and I stumped upon Bobee.

With easy access you can keep one hand on baby, and one hand snagging a diaper. Also, you can decorate it on your own! They come with cute stickers so you can match it to your nursery! You can buy yours here:

I also have to say, moms know what moms need! Stacy Harfert is mom of two super cute little boys in Colorado! She saw the need for a diaper and wipes holder that was convent but also out of the way – so Bobee was born! Stacy we love these and are so impressed with all you have accomplished! Look forward to seeing whats to come.

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bobee diaper stacker

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