Fashion + Function: Wrapeaze Fashionable Coat

Wrapeaze is a adorable! They are so easy to quickly put on to keep your little one warm, while staying stay safe in their car seat – and not catching a cold!

Wrapeaze is a unique jacket / blanket blend that was created out of sheer necessity by a of two young boys. Any parents knows that trips to the grocery store are not ‘quick’ anymore. Betsy Dolan, often cringe at the idea of running errands with the kids in tow.
In our busy world, parenting sometimes means maximizing the few minutes or hours you have with your kids each day. I have saved precious minutes and been spared many tears and tantrums by avoiding jackets and simply wrapping up with Wrapeaze.

Being in Kansas, cold weather is a bummer. Trying to layer and layer my son in warm clothes is tough, and through Wrapeaze I learned from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recommends that children should not be placed in car seats with jackets or heavy bunting. So, now I leave the house quickly with a wrapeaze pull it off and put him in a toasty car – then run into the grocery store with my son covered up in his blue wrapeaze. The velcro around the neck is the perfect size and stays on my son really well. Not to mention it’s super cute. I always get comments about how cute it is!

wrapeaze review

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