Fashion + Function: Baby Undersocks are soft and warm!

In Kansas you will find the weather go from the 70s to the 20s in 3 days! It can get bitterly cold outside, and before my son I would just bundle up. Sprint into the store and stay fairly warm. It is a whole new world with a child.

First of all putting on a jacket, hats, mittens, shoes, socks and an extra set of pants to keep him warm enough is quite a bit of work. Not to mention the shoes and socks seem to be removed before I have even left the drive way. Little stinker is so quick! So, I have found the solution. Baby undersocks are socks that will actually stay on his feet, and add extra warmth to those cute little legs of his so I don’t have to add another pair of pants!

undersocks for babies

At first I wasn’t 100% sure, but I took them out of the dryer the day I got them, and we were going out to dinner, and getting out of the car to go inside I wasn’t stressed about putting on socks, they were still on! I am 100% impressed with Baby Undersocks. They are the most fashionable and functional kids sock I have found! Not to mention super soft!

After doing some quick research I learned about the founder of Baby Undersocks. Of course it was a brilliant mommy of four boys who came up with this genius idea, Christine Krogue! She offers both soft cotton (which I have), and bamboo thermal! I will totally be getting me a pair of the bamboo ones once they are back in stock! If you see these, snatch them up as quickly as you can, they go fast!

undersocks for baby

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One Response to Fashion + Function: Baby Undersocks are soft and warm!

  1. Fashion and Function Mama says:

    So cute! These are adorable and look like the could be extremely functional! I love your Fashion and Function Blog posts!

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