Looking for the Best Ruffled Swimwear?

Looking for the best ruffled swimwear? SwimZip has got you covered! Our girl ruffled swimsuits are simply the best. Our stylish girl ruffle swimsuits have been seen on the kids of celebs like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Tori Spelling.

girl ruffle swimwear

SwimZip has the best styles of ruffled swimsuits for girls! Plus all of our ruffled swimwear has UPF 50+ sun protection to keep skin UV sun safe!!

With UPF 50+ uv sun protection moms can rest easy knowing their little girl is getting fantastic sun protection and keeping that precious skin safe. Plus our signature full length zipper on our rash guard swim shirts makes them soooooo easy to put on – no more tears over pony tails and pig tails getting yanked by tight swim shirts!!!

Get the best selling girl ruffled swimwear, get SwimZip!

pink ruffle swimsuit

SwimZip’s Sassy Surfer ruffle swimsuit will bring a huge smile to your favorite little girl!

girl ruffle swimsuit

SwimZip’s Ruffle Me Pretty swimsuit is back in stock! Super cute ruffle swimsuit with sun protection!

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