SwimZip Wins 2013 Totally Awesome Awards! – 25% Off for Fans!!! THANK YOU!

SwimZip Most Awesome Kids Swimwear and 12 Momprenuers

SwimZip is so excited to announce that we won the 2013 Totally Awesome Awards!!! We did it because our fans TOTALLY rock! We want to thank you all in whatever way we can – so we are providing a 25% off coupon code to thank our fans! You all ROCK!!! Enter MOSTAWESOMESWIMWEAR at check out (expires Sept 10th, 2013). SwimZip was started by Betsy Johnson who is on a mission to keep her baby and everyones kids sun safe (and in style)!

Check out SwimZip here! http://www.SwimZip.com for the most awesome kids swimwear!

Most AwesomeKids Swimwear & Accessories
SwimZip is the UPF 50+ clothing brand parents trust to keep themselves and their kids sun-safe. With a signature full-zipper down the down the front of their rash guard shirts, SwimZip gear is super easy to put on an take off. Their swimwear and accessories are made with the best material with active lifestyle and full-coverage safety in mind.

We also wanted to share some other fantastic products we love that are invented by moms – and moms run these businesses day-in and day-out!!! Ladies, you amaze me! You are so strong, ambitious, and an inspiration for me! Keep up the amazing work – Love, Betsy!

Betsy Johnson founder of SwimZip sun protective swimwear – you can check out her business her: http://www.SwimZip.com

Kelley Legler owns baby Jack blankets – check out her business http://www.babyjackblankets.com

Stella Rubinshteyn owns Tivoli Couturecheck her business out here: http://www.TivoliCouture.com

Lindsay Wegesin owns Kidzikoo, Koverz andKooleez ~ Freezer Pop Insulators. Check her business out here: http://www.mykidzikoo.com

Mary Salem Purcaro created CuddleCloth. Check her products here: http://cuddlecloth.com/

Antoinette de Janasz owns The Twooth Timer Company. Check out her business here: http://www.twoothtimer.com

Kelly Lester owns EasyLunchboxes. Pack lunches fast, starting here: http://www.easylunchboxes.com/

Kim Lekutis Vaccarella is the owner of Bogg Bag. Check her business out at: http://www.boggbag.com/

Barbara Schantz owns Baby Dipper, LLC, home of the Baby Dipper bowl, which makes easy one-handed feeding a reality. Check out her business here: http://www.babydipper.com

Tiffany Smith http://www.sandgone.com/Owner/Inventor of SAND GONE

Sarah Kirk owns http://www.swoopbags.com

Bianca Woodberry & Suzanne Devlin Brownowns Mommapia check their business out here:

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One Response to SwimZip Wins 2013 Totally Awesome Awards! – 25% Off for Fans!!! THANK YOU!

  1. Big congrats Betsy! Your swimsuits ARE the best 🙂 And thank you so much for the generous shout-out 🙂

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