Jennifer Garner Discusses Sun Protection, Daily Sunscreen on Kids

Jennifer Garner was recently spotted out with her daughters wearing SwimZip. Garner takes sun protection seriously and was recently interviewed about putting sunscreen on her kids everyday:

“”It’s important to prioritize sunscreen as a family,” says Garner.

Limit time spent outdoors. “When I was younger and on the swim team, I’d try to get more and more tan all year. Now I know it only takes one burn to double your chance of skin cancer later in life.”

Buy 1, donate 1. “You have to be sure your kids are protected from the sun. One bad sunburn in childhood could actually double your child’s odds of developing skin cancer later in life. I love that for the months of May through July, when you buy any Neutrogena product with SPF, Neutrogena will donate one to a family in need. So not only are you doing something good for yourself this summer by being protected, but you’re also doing something for other families, too.”

Jennifer Garner knows that spf clothing, like SwimZip UPF 50+ Swimwear, and sun screen are the best way to stay UV safe!

celebrity child swimwear

Jennifer Garner and her daughter enjoy a little beach time in SwimZip’s Sassy Surfer swimsuit set! Sassy Surer is one of SwimZip’s most popular styles and offers UV 50+ sun protection plus the SwimZip signature full zipper!

jennifer garner sun screen

Jennifer Garner knows spf clothing like SwimZip swimwear is the best way to keep her daughters sun safe! Even one bad sun burn in childhood dramatically increases the chances of skin cancer later in life.

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