Momprenuer – Alma Moussa

Momprenuer – Alma Moussa

Alma Moussa, a California mom of two who invented an award-winning, multipurpose baby blanket and cover that is actually SIX baby items in ONE.

Alma Moussa, a California mom of two who invented an award-winning, multipurpose baby blanket and cover that is actually SIX baby items in ONE.

Daughter. Latch Key Kid. Sister. Wife. Mom of two. Friend. Inventor. Mompreneur. In a nutshell that’s Alma Moussa, a California mom of two who invented an award-winning, multipurpose baby blanket and cover that is actually SIX baby items in ONE. The idea came to Alma one day while on a playdate when she experienced a parenting problem with no good solution (perfect “ingredients” for a mom to become a mom’preneur). The trendy Babee Covee saves parents time, money and space by eliminating the need to buy, pack and carry bulky (and costly) single use items every time your leave home with your little one. No more overflowing diapers bags! Plus, it protects baby and toddler from germs where ever you go!

Voted as a top five travel must have for kids by Baby&Child Magazine and a top 10 baby shower gift by Bump to Baby, Alma’s invention has six uses:


Car Seat Cover
Nursing Cover
Shopping Cart Cover
High Chair Cover
Stroller Cover
Playtime Blanket

Growing up Alma never dreamed of having her own business. After nearly 10 years in the management consulting software business, Alma was abruptly cut short by a layoff which gave her the inspiration to reinvent herself. Now as a mom what was next?


Alma’s “a-ha” moment came one rainy day during a playdate… and this little guy is the inspiration behind Babee Covee. As the rain poured down, Alma carried her two year old in one arm and her infant’s car seat carrier in the other. A gust of wind came and blew off the blanket she had draped over the car seat carrier to keep her son dry. As the rain pelted down on her toddler, baby and herself, frustrated she left the blanket on the ground and ran for her friend’s front door. Alma thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a blanket that would never blow off the car seat?” After some brainstorming she thought of FIVE other uses and that rainy day her playdate turned into a business venture. Today, what she now has is the tested, retested several times and then perfected 6-in-1 Babee Covee.

Alma’s passion is to make unique baby products that simplify parents’ lives by providing multi-use solutions without compromising design or breaking the bank.

This is the must-have-baby-car-seat-cover-and-more!

This is the must-have-baby-car-seat-cover-and-more!

Babee Covee’s first full year in business was last year (2012) and it was a busy year for the California mom with multiple “new and hot product” media mentions, over 20 positive mommy blogger reviews including Actress Kate Clarke’s, Good Morning America and WABC TV features, sold out inventory at every local trade show, chosen as a top 10 baby shower gift by Bump to Baby Gear as well as a top five must have for traveling with baby by Baby&Child Magazine; and winners of five awards: the Mom’s Choice and Next Big Zing Awards as well as the Mompact Award, exemplifying all-around excellence in both product and mom inventor, the coveted Seal of Approval from the Family Review Center, and the prestigious Huggies MomInspired Grant Award. Alma looks forward to many more busy years to come as the Babee Covee becomes a favorite baby gear item for more and more parents here in the USA and now around the world after a recent feature in Singapore’s Today’s Parents Magazine.

A Little More About The Moussa Family:

Moussa Family

Alma — Proud Mommy of two, Wife of one, and Friend of many
George — Father Fix-It, strong and silent, attentive Daddy except on NFL Sundays
Gemma, 5 — Big Sister, old soul, confident and creative, ready to sing and sketch
at whim
Joey, 3 — Little Brother, animated and active, ready to steal your heart with his eyes

Babee Covee is sold in various stores and online at and is available in nine different styles:



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