Cute, High Quality Wholesale Swimwear and Swimsuits … Unique Styles for Boy and Girl

Retailers and boutiques love SwimZip award winning swimwear and swimsuits! In addition to our stylish, super cute designs, we have the highest quality standards. Our children wear SwimZips and we demand the best. Customers love our eye catching styles and silky smooth feel of the material. SwimZip has an easy to use Wholesalers page and we offer the best customer service (email or call us at 888-794-6947 to get started).

Best of all, when you order our adorable SwimZip UPF 50+ swimwear you know our quality has already been checked-out by moms across the world. SwimZip has the best designs and loads of thoughtful features – like our signature full zipper rash guard! Visit our Press page to find links to all sorts of reviews, from NBC’s #1 Today Show to blog reviewers. Also, check out our Testimonials page get insights from real life parents, like Kara Corridan the Health Editor at PARENTS Magazine. Our swimwear has been thoroughly vetted and parents LOVE SWIMZIP!

Order now and start selling unique, eye-catching, stylish swimwear that parents love!

Any parent who has ever tried to get a wet rash guard off a child instantly LOVES our signature full zipper. It makes Moms lives soooo much better – no more tears, no more fuss to start vacation! Kids literally can put on their own sunscreen and they do it with a smile. Sun protective clothing is the best way to keep kids sun safe.

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SwimZip offers the best wholesale swimwear ad swimsuit styles with UV sun protection and its signature full zipper down the front of its rash guard.

SwimZip swimsuit sets come in boy and girl styles and sizes ranging from baby or infant to toddler to child.

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Do not get “bit” by low quality swimwear! SwimZip swimsuit sets have been reviewed extensively and its super cute styles get the highest marks for quality!

For all your UPF 50+ swimsuit and swimwear needs, be sure to check out http://www.swimzip.comSwimZip makes UV sun protection a zip!

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  1. shoiv says:

    Cute pics and well written article

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