UPF Clothing May Work Better Than Sunscreen!

We love this post on Today.com about UPF Clothes.

“Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection, even more than sunscreen,” said Zeichner, who is also director of cosmetic and clinical dermatology research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. “Clothing is a physical blocker of the rays and sunscreen is applied to bare skin.”

“And with an ever-growing skin cancer rate — more than 2 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of the malignancy each year — we need to take advantage of every possible means of protection, Weinkle and Ziechner both said.”

“Pass it on: Sun protective clothing protects better than sunscreen, but you still need sunscreen for exposed skin”

SwiZips make the best uv sun protective clothes, so don’t forget to put on your SwimZip this summer even if you are just playing in the front or back yard. SwimZip makes playin in the sun fun and sun protection easy! http://www.SwimZip.com

Please spread the word to friends and family about the importance of wearing sun protective clothes and clothing. With super cute swimsuit sets by SwimZip that block 99% of those nasty, cancer causing UVA and UVB rays, there is no excuse not to get covered up. That is even more true for children and their particularly sensitive skin!

For all your UPF 50+ rash guard swimsuit and swimwear needs, be sure to visit http://www.swimzip.com … SwimZip makes UV sun protection a zip!

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